1 minute of Internet in 2019

1 minute of Internet in 2019

4th August 2019 0 By Akhil Rajaram

Want to know how many minutes on the Internet? What happens in 60 seconds on the Internet and on the most popular platforms? Here is the number of actions taken on the Internet in 1 minute.

1.Google receives 38,000 requests per minute

1,00,000 login to Facebook in a minute

1,81,00,000 text messages are sent

4,05,00,000 videos are viewed on YouTube

390,030 apps are downloaded from Apple App Store and Google Play Store

347,222 posts shared on Instagram

87,500 people tweet

$996,956 million spent online per minute

2,04,00,000 Snaps created on SnapChat

41,06,00,000 million messages sent on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

18,80,00,000 emails sent

14,00,000 swipes on dating website Tinder