Google handshake with Cisco to provide free WiFi in India

29th July 2019 0 By Akhil Rajaram

By September of this year, 200 spots will be activated via Wi-Fi in Bangalore and 300 spots will be added in stage 2, two major technology companies report at a Cisco summit in India.

Cisco, a global networking company, has been working with Google to create free high-speed Wi-Fi access worldwide, starting in India. Sayat Shivandan, managing director and business director of Google Pay, as well as the Indian initiatives of Next Billion User, said: “It works in the https environment, which is the same medium as online banking transactions.

According to the TRAI report, there are 150 Wi-Fi access points in the world, and in India, 8 million access points must be installed to achieve the same ratio. This creates new market opportunities for infrastructure providers and the Internet. India currently has 52,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, and the country requires a high-speed strategy for high-speed Wi-Fi..

The Cisco-Google partnership brings unlimited broadband access and Cisco and Google network infrastructure experience to develop local web content and platform innovations.