#PappuDiwas Flooded twitter

#PappuDiwas Flooded twitter

1st April 2019 0 By NIKHILVANKA

Today is Pappu’s birthday and Twitterati is all out to celebrate it in style as #PappuDiwas. For those who just landed from Mars and have no idea who is Pappu do not look confused – Pappu happens to be Congress vice-president and Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi. Popular as Pappu on the micro blogging site Twitter, Gandhi turned 44th today. Born on June 19 1970, Rahul Gandhi has been one of the popular faces on the Indian political scene since his official entry into politics in 2004.

He has become the butt of all jokes owing to his and party’s tarnished image after the humiliating defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. How can one forget his epic interview that seriously inflicted his image as a politician? Post the interview, he has been seen as a man with pea-sized brain and that named him Pappu!

Rahul Gandhi has been the trendsetter (no pun intended) and how can something as big as his birthday could go unnoticed from the Twitterati? So Rahul Gandhi finds himself among the trending topics of the day with hashtag created as #PappuDiwas marking his birthday.

Take a look at some of the hilarious and side-splitting tweets:

Reality of #Pappu education, he is just passed 12th standard #PappuDiwas pic.twitter.com/nHkyOIwLcr