A fly high tale of self-discovery

A fly high tale of self-discovery

10th March 2019 6 By Akhil Rajaram

he first female-led Marvel movie subverts the superhero origin film in the best possible way.


As the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first film helmed by a female superhero and the first co-directed by a woman, Captain Marvel has a lot to live up to. The stakes are high. Especially considering DC already released its own successful, critically acclaimed film led and directed by women: Wonder Woman.

Let’s just say Captain Marvel was worth the wait. It’s two hours of pure female empowerment packaged with all the visual power you’d expect from a Marvel blockbuster. Brie Larson is fierce and effortlessly cool as a fighter-pilot-turned-space-warrior trying to discover who she really is. And it doesn’t hurt that Hole, Elastica and Nirvana set the beat with some of the biggest hits of the ’90s.

Captain Marvel is an extraterrestrial Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people and the Skrulls. Living on Earth in 1995, she keeps having recurring memories of another life as U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. With help from Nick Fury, Captain Marvel tries to uncover the secrets of her past while harnessing her special superpowers to end the war with the evil Skrulls.

During a mission to rescue an undercover Kree operative infiltrating a group of Skrulls, alien shape shifters with whom the Kree have been fighting for centuries, Vers is captured by Skrull commander Talos and forcibly subjected to a memory probe. She manages to escape and inadvertently pilots a pod to Earth, crashing in Los Angeles. Her presence attracts the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, whose investigation is interrupted by a Skrull attack. In the ensuing chase, Vers recovers a crystal containing her extracted memories and Fury kills a Skrull impersonating Coulson. Talos, disguised as S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Keller, convinces Fury to meet and work with Vers.


Using Fury’s security clearance, Vers discovers she was a U.S. Air Force pilot who was presumed dead in 1989 after testing an experimental engine designed by Dr. Wendy Lawson, whom she recognizes as the older woman from her nightmares, and a friend of former pilot Maria Rambeau. The two escape from Talos in a Quinjet, with Lawson’s cat Goose stowing away, and fly to New Orleans, Louisiana to meet Rambeau.

A pursuing Talos arrives at the Rambeau house just as Vers discovers her real name is Carol Danvers. He reveals the Skrulls are refugees searching for a new home and Lawson was a Kree renegade helping them. He then plays the recovered black boxfrom Lawson’s plane, prompting Danvers to regain her memories and remember the day of the crash: Lawson told her to destroy the engine’s energy-core before being killed by Yon-Rogg and she absorbed the energy from the ensuing explosion at the cost of losing all her memories.

Talos then leads the group to a cloaked lab ship orbiting Earth, where several Skrulls are hiding and protecting the Tesseract, the source of the energy-core.

Danvers departs to help the Skrulls find a new homeworld, giving Fury a modified pager to contact her in an emergency. Meanwhile, Fury drafts an initiative to search out more heroes like her, and changes the name after finding a photo of Danvers boarding her Air Force jet, which bears the call sign “Avenger”.

In a mid-credits scene set in the present day, Steve RogersNatasha RomanoffBruce Banner, and James Rhodes are monitoring the pager, which Fury activated prior to his disintegration,when Danvers appears and asks for Fury’s whereabouts. In a post-credits scene set in 1995, Goose climbs onto Fury’s desk and coughs up the Tesseract on it.


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