NOMODO Wierd Gadget

NOMODO Wierd Gadget

24th January 2019 0 By Akhil Rajaram

Gadgets gadgets gadgets… We see and use a lot and depend on Gadgets. Now let me share a weird one now


Wireless Fast Qi Charging Station with Mug Warmer/Cooler is a device keeps its name. In today’s world, your phone is your lifeline. The Trio will keep it juiced while you kick @$$. Avoid pesky charging cords getting in your way by utilizing the Qi charging mat on your Trio. Set any Qi enabled device directly on the mat and watch your battery quickly go from zero to hero

it also offers the best for your drinks 🙂

  • LIKE IT HOT: Coffee is only good cold when you intend it to be. Keep your coffee and tea hot while you work with the heated plate that was designed to keep your mug as toasty as it was when you brewed it
  • KEEP IT COOL: Tired of your ice cubes melting and watering down your drink? The cooling plate will keep those cans and cold brews chilled, so they’ll always quench your thirst

This is one of the its kind.Offering hot stuff when serve cold on the other side we can charge the mobile too..

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