#10yearchallange.But this time Technology

#10yearchallange.But this time Technology

20th January 2019 19 By Akhil Rajaram

Hey, you all know #10yearchallange. Trending all around the social media. so we decided to let you people know the changes that came in technology. Let’s get started.


I remember back in 2009 almost had a Nokia phone on hands which is the smartphone that time and the company launched its new 2 flagships which increased their trends named NOKIA N900 and NOKIA N97 with Symbian Os. Even the iPhone is a competitor Nokia is still the king that days.

There was no posters or adds of the present smartphone like oppo,vivo.But today Nokia wasn’t there in top 5 smartphone making companies 😢 sad but truth. Let’s  help that the 5 camera Nokia phone will bring back the glory


As said 2009 apple launched its flagship 3s worth 35000 that time. Today we know what 35k brings.10 years of time apple increased its flagship and also the price tag. Today the market price of Apple flagship is almost 1 lakh


2009 was the first Galaxy series for the Samsung to launch.Its new bee to enter the market and not that much innovative but now you can see the way it reached the global mobile market. Fans are early waiting for S10

so this were the 3 very big mobiles ruled once and competing now with all other flag ships

This is my #10yearchallange for mobiles.

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