The 5 CES 2019 Gadgets.

The 5 CES 2019 Gadgets.

16th January 2019 55 By Akhil Rajaram

Another CSE show has been done, I brought you some of the Gadgets displayed.

1.Sony Glass Sound Speaker

This gadget manages to be both mainstream and quirky. It’s a wireless speaker (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) with a delicate, beguiling tone that is highly attractive.

But it looks like something Florence Nightingale might carry because it has a glass cylinder growing out of it, with a light at its base.

In fact, the glass vibrates and its resonance is what creates the sonorous sound.

The light can even be set to flicker like a candle. It is perfect for romantic candlelit dinners, though it’s not cheap: £699.
56837(approx) indian rupees

2. Withings Move ECG

Withings makes spectacularly good health products and its smartwatches appeal because they have analogue hands like, you know, a real watch.

The latest model, out in the Spring, it includes an ECG monitor, something only the Apple Watch Series 4 has, and only in the US for now. This will be rather cheaper, at £130. ie 10555 rs approx

3.Technics SL-1210 turntable

Back in the ’70s, Technics released a turntable designed for DJs. It was incredibly popular and highly praised because it was well-built, very reliable and easy to use.

From decades we have no updates.But this year CSE finally brought an update. The new model, in a cool matte-black finish, includes features such as the capability to spin the disc in the opposite direction and neat features such as a long-life white LED positioned to make it easier to see the stylus tip when you’re trying to place it in dim, or no, light. It goes on sale in around May for £900. approx 73000 Indian rupees

4. Royole FlexPai folding smartphone

A smartphone is being a part day to day life. Here we have a new update from Royole FlexPai. This smartphone can be folded. But it will need to move quickly to work – Samsung has said its own folder will be out in the coming months.

5. NuraLoop

when owning a smartphone headset is a must. Every one spends a lot on earphone rather than smartphone.This year we have NuraLoop from CES 2019

But there’s noise-cancelling on board and a social mode that lets the sound of the outside world out as much or as little as you’d like.

There are a lot more gadgets available feel free to check.

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